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Tayble Deli: Review Of Their New Mind-blowing Pan-Asian Street Food

Tayble Deli, Dundee

Today’s review is for a Dundee sandwich and street food company Tayble Deli.

I reached out to Tayble Deli via Instagram and they were delighted to have a review done. I was overwhelmed with the customer service and great food these guys have to offer.

Tayble Deli Products

Inside the food bags, I was given a mix of their new street food menu as well as a sandwich and soup from their deli menu. This company really went out of their way and provided Halal meat dishes so I could try some of their meat options also. These guys are available for catering, so I’m sure you could request Halal if you wanted!


  • Leek and potato soup (Veg, GF)
  • Spicy Chicken Signature Sandwich (Halal)
  • Feta salad (Veg, GF)


  • Smocked Haddock and potato dauphinoise BonBon’s, smoked Anster cheese sauce and crispy kale
  • Bao buns with sticky pulled oxtail and Asian slaw (Halal)
  • Soft Taco with roasted celeriac, sticky date puree and Asian slaw (vegan)
  • Salt and pepper wings, spring onion, sesame and teriyaki glaze (Halal)


  • JT’s Carrot Cake (Veg)
  • White Chocolate and raspberry Fudge (Veg, GF)

Tayble Deli Packaging

I went to pick up the food from Bank Street and was given two brown delivery bags. One contained the cold food and the other with hot food. All of the hot food was foil wrapped so that I could enjoy them hot which was a nice touch. Each item of food was placed into its own food container so I could try each item individually. The packaging was all eco-friendly and reusable so a thumbs up from me!

The delivery contained a handwritten note from Lewis Donegan who is the Executive Head Chef at Tayble Deli. In this note it contained a description of each item and which ones were Halal, Veg, Vegan and Gluten Free. I think this is a really nice way to connect with your customers, and I am so glad I got to review this.

Tayble Deli Food Review


The starters of soup, sandwich and salad was a nice way to begin the meal. The soup was creamy and smooth and tasted just like a perfect leek and potato soup should taste. Although I never order takeaway soup, this is a nice idea for a light lunch option.

The Spicy Chicken Signature Sandwich was incredible. I love a good loaded sandwich and this was overloaded with filling. It contained pickled jalapenos, cheese, spring onions and lettuce. The quality of each ingredient was of a high standard and that was reflected in the taste.

The feta salad I thought was a nice accompaniment to the rest of the food. The feta was mixed with olives and chillis which I ate alongside the rest of my meal.


For the mains I think my favourites were the Bao Buns and the salt and pepper wings. Both of these really had a lot of flavour and tasted really fresh. I love this type of street food the most so I thoroughly enjoyed eating them and would recommend trying them!

The Soft taco was probably my third favourite. I think it was a nice vegan alternative to a meat or fish filled taco, but since I prefer to have some meat in my taco I would recommend this more to my vegan followers.

The smoked haddock BonBon’s were unfortunately not to my taste. I am not a massive fan of smoked fish and so I probably wouldn’t eat this again. However, I will say the Bonbon’s were fresh and contained very high quality ingredients so I would say that if you like smoked fish, this one is for you!


I love reviewing desserts and so this was a nice surprise because I wasn’t expecting to receive desserts in this review. Both the carrot cake and fudge tasted divine. I love carrot cake so I am really picky with how I like it. These guys definitely know how to make a good carrot cake, and the portion size was perfect as an after dinner treat.

I am not a massive fan of fudge, but I think this white chocolate and raspberry one may have converted me! I will certainly be returning for both of these.

Overall Rating

Overall, the food tasted fresh, the ingredients were all of a high quality and the selection I was given was amazing. I think this would be perfect for lunch or early dinner. This is a hidden gem in Dundee and I can’t wait to try more of their takeaway menu!

Service: 10/10
Food: 9/10
Packaging: 8/10
Overall Experience: 10/10

Connect with Tayble Deli

This company also run Dundee Cooking Academy and The Howff Secret Supper Club both in the same area as Tayble Deli so be sure to check these both out!

Instagram: @taybledeli

Location & Delivery

Open Times: Wednesday – Sunday, 10.30am – 8pm
Location : 5A Bank St, Dundee DD1 1RL

Delivery: ZippyD & JustEat

Tayble Deli location

Tayble Deli Bao Buns

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