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New year resolutions and visions

It’s finally the end of another extraordinary year. And after what feels like an eternity, we are entering into a new year with entirely different perspectives, behaviour patterns and habits.

With this new year comes a range of challenges, goals and of course our new year, new me resolutions.

Whether that’s to be more mindful, have a career shift, lose weight and get back in the gym or be a more content person, we hope this new year helps you develop the motivation to achieve those goals.

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New year resolutions and regular articles

Since the last post on our website some time ago there have been a variety of changes, and as a company we are shifting our efforts to bring you a more educational and fulfilling experience.

The plan over the course of the next year is to return to posting regular articles once a week, covering a range of topics from Veganuary to personality and food choices to climate change influencing your behaviour.

These discussions will all have a behavioural science perspective to help you understand how and why you make certain food choices.

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Marketing, photography and behavioural science

As well as this a range of articles will be written around marketing, photography and behavioural science, and how you can learn or use these tips in the new year.

Our larger aim is to be able to educate beyond written articles, and provide this information to you in a range of multimedia channels on different platforms.

By the end of this year, our vision is to create a platform where individuals can read and enjoy quality content on a regular basis.

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If you have any ideas, suggestions or topics that you would like to know and read about, you can let us know by emailing

From everyone at the Behavioural Foodie team, we wish you all the best in 2022 and a Happy New Year!

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