Photography Services

Hi, I’m Mariam. I am a freelance photographer and food reviewer. Based in Dundee, Scotland I create food and lifestyle photography.

Since starting my photography journey back in 2017 I have learned how to use my camera to show clients how I see the world. I am passionate about creating a mood and feeling through the food or lifestyle images I photograph. As a photographer I think it is important to own your work and ooze passion and flare in every photograph you produce.

I am available for work in Scotland and happy to travel. Food photography is my first love and why I started learning about photography. In addition, I love to explore still life and lifestyle projects. I have provided a portfolio of some shoots I have carried out below. I am always trying to find new products to photograph and am open to any freelance work.

Feel free to reach out via my social channels or email me to inquire about any questions you may have:

Restaurant Photography

Restaurant photography has always been a huge passion of mines. The different environments allows experimentation of different style of shooting and working in more versatile ways. In my time as a photographer I have gravitated the most towards restaurant work and would love to continue shooting for them.


A Scottish based company asked for some luxury shots of their perfume atomisers for commercial use. They needed a minimalistic but sophisticated approach. This was left to my creativity to envision how this would look and was a new avenue which I enjoyed exploring, and adding to my portfolio!

Mac Love

Mac Love is a food truck cart based in Dundee. They were looking for a shoot which showed their products and the food truck. They allowed me to experiment with the creativity of the shoot but wanted some of the surrounding scenery within the pictures.


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