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Brownie Tingz And Their Sensational Brownies

Brownie Tingz, Birmingham

So I finally got my first brownie review for Birmingham based Brownie Tingz. Since I’m a massive brownie fan I was really excited to review these gourmet brownies and blondies!

Brownie Tingz reached out to me via Instagram asking if I could review their assorted brownie and blondie boxes. This company is based in Birmingham, however the owner Aysha is originally from Scotland herself. I love connecting with Scots all over the world!

Brownie Tingz Packaging

The order arrived in the post using 1st class delivery which I thought was really great. It was contained in a white box with each product separated. Without a doubt this made sure none of the flavours mixed which was a great idea. When I opened the boxes, inside each one there was a handwritten letter from Brownie Tingz listing all the flavours. Moreover thanking me for ordering these boxes. I thought that was a really nice touch. Additionally, I am sure it would be possible to put a personal message in if you wanted!

Brownie Tingz Food Review

Overall Rating

To conclude, I really enjoyed eating these gourmet brownies from Brownie Tingz.  Firstly they were perfectly soft and gooey, and the flavours were incredible. Secondly I loved the service and quality of the products. Thirdly I would recommend them to anyone in the UK looking for a gift.

Service: 10/10

Food: 10/10

Packaging: 10/10

Overall Experience: 10/10

Connect with Brownie Tingz

Instagram: _brownietingz_


Inside Brownie Tingz boxes were six individual brownies and blondies as in the above picture. For the brownies the flavours were Areo Mint, Lotus Biscoff, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Milk Hazeltnut, Salted Caramel, and Fudge. On the other hand, the blondies had six different distinct flavours. This included Aero Snow Bubbles, Honeycomb Shards, Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream, White Hazelnut, and White Chocolate.


I have often wondered how baked goods would taste, especially after being delivered to more remote locations. Contrary to my belief these brownies tasted very fresh. In addition to this they had a gooey centre and were perfectly baked to give that cracked top.

I have to say each flavour tasted really nice. Each one had its own melted chocolate topping and chocolate pieces decoration. I really enjoyed these and I recommend sending them as a gift for someone. With the COVID situation it is easier to send baked goods like this, and help support small businesses also. I have been informed by Brownie Tingz they are offering Mother’s Day boxes. So be sure to check them out and order through their Instagram below.

Location & Delivery

Location: Birmingham, England

Delivery: All over the UK

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