Mocktails & Milkshakes with Lit Shakes ‘n’ Mocktails

Today’s product review is a little different from my usual in that I am reviewing drinks from a local Dundee company Lit Shakes ‘n’ Mocktails. I saw this company pop up on my Instagram and thought why not give them a try. I received great customer service when I messaged through and the business owner was happy to gift me two mocktails and two milkshakes of my choice to try. 

I decided to try the banoffee and cookie dough milkshakes, and the blue lagoon and passionista mocktails. I decided that I would try some new flavours of milkshakes and mocktails that I haven’t seen being provided by other companies in Dundee. The process of ordering was very easy, and I received the products yesterday evening by delivery.

I enjoyed these whilst watching a movie with my family. I was blown away by the banoffee pie milkshake as it tasted as good as the dessert itself. My family really enjoyed the cookie dough one also. The mocktails were also very refreshing and would be perfect to order for an afternoon summers BBQ, or even as a late evening drink.

Pricing as follows

Mocktails: £3 each or 2 for £5. Milkshakes:£4.

I will definitely be ordering these again and would recommend all the flavours I tried. 

Check this company out on the Instagram link below:

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