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Behavioral Science: The Breakthrough Of Understanding

What is Behavioral Science?

Behavioral science is the science of human decision making. This is done by analysing it through psychological and economic principles. The aim of any great behavioral scientist is to try and understand what is going on in your brain. And why you make the decisions you do?!

Where did Behavioral Science start?

It all dated back to neoclassical economics. Behavioral science didn’t exist as a subject. Many economists such as Smith and Ricardo argued that humans were totally rational. This means they made decisions based on perfect information. Obviously this isn’t true or even possible. Moreover they believed that they weigh up every single probability. And from that they make a choice to maximise their satisfaction. In short, people choice the decision which gives them the most value.

How did it become about choices and preferences?

Psychology and economics changed this view as behavioral science advanced. Scientists such as James argued that decision making was more about impulses. And adding to this motivations behind these impulses. Pareto theorised that an individual’s choices and perspectives were far more important. Furthermore, their preferences far outweighed even the value of the option.

Your limited decision making abilities

Moreover, this changed again over the next 50 years. Simon argued that people only have limited knowledge when making a choice. In addition they aren’t looking to maximise their satisfaction. On the contrary, you look to just satisfy your needs. Kahneman & Tversky found that heuristics and biases heavily influence decision making. And these influencers affect all aspects of decision making. Including human rationality,  self-control, choices over time, etc. Behavioral science has evolved dramatically over the years and continues to grow as a discipline. Every day we are learning more and more about human decision making.

Behavioral Science in social & economic settings

From this behavioral science and scientists are trying to understand human decision making. Additionally, how these decisions can be improved in economic and social settings. Many of us are unaware of the judgments we make based on certain heuristics and biases. Our brain cause use to make decisions about life choices without having the full knowledge or information to do so.

From these understandings, behavioral science looks to understand how individuals make decision. Consequently how these decisions can be improved in different economic and social settings. It is important to understand the way in which our judgements are affected by our own internal heuristics and biases. As well as this, we can explore how external factors can play on these mental shortcuts. As a result causing us to make less effective choices.

What is Behavioural Foodie?

To conclude, with this blog I intend to help you make better food choices. As a behavioral science enthusiast and scientist myself, I love using it to help people. Behavioural Foodie is the future of food choices. Making sustainable and healthier food choices is at the core of what we do. If we can make more informed food choices, we can make better ones.

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