Sunflower Bakery And Their Outstanding Homemade Treat Box

Sunflower Bakery, Dundee

Today’s review is for a Dundee desserts company, The Sunflower Bakery

This company reached out to me via Instagram to do a review of their treat box selection. I was sent so many different treats which was a lovely surprise, and the owner was so friendly and genuine also. I love doing reviews for small businesses like these, so I hope this review encourages others to try these delicious treats.

Sunflower Bakery Products

I received two boxes of goodies, which I took some pictures of to allow you to see all the products I tried.

The box contained the following:

  • Raspberry and white chocolate buttercream cake slice
  • Mini Egg & Oreo cheesecakes
  • Milkybar Cookie
  • Galaxy Caramel Browniesicle
  • Nutella Brondie (Brownie and blondie mixed)
  • Creme egg cookie dough (pictured below)

Sunflower Bakery Packaging

The treats came in a cake box and were delivered personally by the owner. They were really easy to remove from the packaging to eat and shoot so I looked forward to trying them when they arrive. I think they would be the perfect gift for a special person.

Sunflower Bakery Review

There is a lot to talk about here, so I will do a little review of each part.

Raspberry and white chocolate buttercream cake slice

This cake slice was really well baked and the white chocolate and raspberry complimented it perfectly. It was the perfect amount of sweetness and I thought it was lovely.

Mini Egg & Oreo cheesecakes

I had a small amount of the Mini Egg and Oreo cheesecakes as I am not the biggest fan of cheesecakes in general. However I thought they both tasted nice, and my family enjoyed them also!

Milkybar Cookie

The Milkybar cookie was almost as big as the cheesecakes! I thought due to the size that there was no way it could be soft. To my surprise it was perfectly soft and tasted amazing. I enjoyed this the most.

Galaxy Caramel Browniesicle

The Galaxy Caramel Browniesicle looked the most appealing when the box arrived. The brownie inside was very rich and was surrounded with a lovely chocolate shell. I haven’t ever had one of these and so it was nice to finally try one.

Nutella Brondie (Brownie and blondie mixed)

The Nutella Brondie is something I have never heard of. So I believe Sunflower Bakery is one of the few places in Dundee to make this! I thought it was a really nice idea and I loved the combination of flavours when eating it. This invention was very well baked also and I would definitely recommend this one.

Creme egg cookie dough

The Creme egg cookie dough was beautifully layered and looked amazing. This cookie dough was very sweet, so this one is definitely for my sweet toothed followers. I enjoyed it, but not as much as the others treats.

Overall Rating

I would say this company provided a great customer service, presented all the treats beautifully and were a lovely company to review food from. Give them a follow on their Instagram below to order, and for new bakes being released.

Service: 10/10
Food: 9/10
Packaging: 8/10
Overall Experience: 10/10

Connect with Sunflower Bakery

Instagram: @the_sunflowerbakery

Location & Delivery

Location: Dundee, Scotland
Delivery: Currently across Dundee

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