Simply Delish Behavioural Foodie

Simply Delish Brings You An Exciting Cookie Decorating Kit

Simply Delish, Wolverhampton

Today’ review is for a DIY Cookie Decorating Box for a Wolverhampton based company Simply Delish.

Simply Delish reached out to me via Instagram just before Easter for a review of their DIY Cookie Decorating Box.

I was really excited to see the contents and how it arrived. The box pictured below arrived in the post, and I was so surprised by what I found inside.

Simply Delish Packaging

Simply Delish Behavioural Foodie

The goods arrived in a flat packed brown box which I opened up to reveal the contents above. I thought the look and feel of the box was really nice, especially with all the  bright colours. Unfortunately during transit some of the cookies were broken. Due to this, I was left with 2 / 3 cookies that I could potentially use to decorate. This is definitely something I would keep in mind when ordering again and perhaps something to improve!

Overall I thought the packaging was lovely. The egg theme tissue type paper added a lovely pop of design to the box. Furthermore, I liked that all the components were individually wrapped to prevent contamination and keep the box tidy too.

Simply Delish put in a lot of effort with the handwritten notes detailing that was inside the box. Additionally, I really loved the fact that it was personalised just for me too! I definitely think more companies should do this sort of thing!!

Simply Delish Food Review

Although this is mainly being promoted as a DIY box, I have to say that the cookies themselves were delicious. I thought they were baked perfectly and has a light and butter flavour which I loved.

Simply Delish Behavioural Foodie

The buttercream was a lovely addition to the box and the flavour wasn’t too sweet, so it was a great to enjoy as a treat after having fun decorating! In addition, the sprinkles and carrot shaped decorations were the perfect size for the cookies sent. Finally, I liked that there was a range of colours and I think young children would love this!

Overall Rating

This is a great idea for kids and young ones who want a bit of cookie decorating fun. I am quite impressed with the box overall and I certainly would recommend it. It was unfortunate that some of the cookies broke so maybe not the best for long distance deliveries!!

Customer Service: 8/10

Food Taste: 9/10

Food Packaging: 7/10

Overall Experience: 8/10

Connect with Simply Delish

Instagram: @simply_delish.x

Location & Delivery

Location: Wolverhampton, England
Delivery: Across the UK

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