Wid Flavour: A Fascinating Review Of Algerian Treats

Wid Flavour, Dundee

Today’s review is for an Algerian based baker in Dundee, with the name Wid Flavour.

Wid Flavour reached out to me via Instagram to do a review of a few items. The owner Widad told me she would make some authentic Algerian food which I was really excited about. Interestingly, I haven’t really eaten much Algerian food so I was curious as to how it would taste compared to my usual Indian cuisine.

I collected this sample  order, as this company doesn’t deliver, which I was totally fine with. However, I think this is something to keep in mind if want to order from this company.

Wid Flavour Packaging

The goods were given to me in a standard white recyclable bag which I thought was nice since it reduced the amount of packaging waste.

I wasn’t sure exactly what I was getting but when arriving I realised I had been given a lovely focaccia bread (pictured below) as well as some baklava and makroudh.

Wid Flavour Food Review

Focaccia Bread

Firstly, starting with the focaccia bread, I really enjoyed eating this! It was topped with some peppers filled with goats cheese which I LOVE! In addition to this it had full green chillies. I was not expecting them to be as hot as they were, but I loved the spicy zing it gave to the bread.  Moreover it was soft, tasty and baked to perfection.

If I were to order again, I would definitely request more peppers filled with goats cheese on top of this focaccia.

Turkish Baklava

Next up was the Turkish style baklava. Anyone who knows me know the way to my heart is beautifully made baklava. Since travelling to Turkey I am constantly trying to find baklava that even resembles the authentic flavour. Because of this, I loved the cinnamon flavour which Widad gave to the baklava. Additionally, the almond and rose flavour combined were the perfect compliment to make this baklava something to rave about. I will definitely be ordering this again and I recommend to everyone reading this that you do too!

Algerian Makroudh

Lastly, the makroudh (bottom line) was the only baked good I had never tried before. Traditionally, makroudh is a type of cookie. Generally it is filled with a date and nuts paste or almond paste, and is named makroudh after the diamond shape. Uniquely, the dough is made from semolina and flour giving it a very specific texture and flavour.

After finding out it was made from semolina, I was very intrigued as to how the texture of this dessert would be. This makroudh was filled with a date paste and above all Widad told me it was very traditional in both the making process, and the shape. It was definitely different from anything I have ever eaten, but I really enjoyed trying it. It had a more grainy texture, and the date paste gave it a lovely sweet flavour.

Despite this, I have to say that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you enjoy trying new foods with interesting textures and flavours then this one’s for you!

Overall Rating

To conclude, I really enjoy connecting with small businesses in the local area and I’m always looking to find something different. Wid Flavour is just that with her authentic Algerian flavours, coupled with the amazing goods she makes. She makes focaccia breads every Friday and is always posting up new bakes. I will definitely be visiting Widad again for some more of her baked goods!

Service: 8/10

Food: 9/10

Packaging: 8/10

Overall Experience: 9/10

Connect with Wid Flavour

Instagram: @wid_s_flavour

Location & Delivery

Location: Dundee, Scotland
Delivery / Pick up: Pick up only!

Simply Delish Brings You An Exciting Cookie Decorating Kit

Simply Delish, Wolverhampton

Today’ review is for a DIY Cookie Decorating Box for a Wolverhampton based company Simply Delish.

Simply Delish reached out to me via Instagram just before Easter for a review of their DIY Cookie Decorating Box.

I was really excited to see the contents and how it arrived. The box pictured below arrived in the post, and I was so surprised by what I found inside.

Simply Delish Packaging

The goods arrived in a flat packed brown box which I opened up to reveal the contents above. I thought the look and feel of the box was really nice, especially with all the  bright colours. Unfortunately during transit some of the cookies were broken. Due to this, I was left with 2 / 3 cookies that I could potentially use to decorate. This is definitely something I would keep in mind when ordering again and perhaps something to improve!

Overall I thought the packaging was lovely. The egg theme tissue type paper added a lovely pop of design to the box. Furthermore, I liked that all the components were individually wrapped to prevent contamination and keep the box tidy too.

Simply Delish put in a lot of effort with the handwritten notes detailing that was inside the box. Additionally, I really loved the fact that it was personalised just for me too! I definitely think more companies should do this sort of thing!!

Simply Delish Food Review

Although this is mainly being promoted as a DIY box, I have to say that the cookies themselves were delicious. I thought they were baked perfectly and has a light and butter flavour which I loved.

The buttercream was a lovely addition to the box and the flavour wasn’t too sweet, so it was a great to enjoy as a treat after having fun decorating! In addition, the sprinkles and carrot shaped decorations were the perfect size for the cookies sent. Finally, I liked that there was a range of colours and I think young children would love this!

Overall Rating

This is a great idea for kids and young ones who want a bit of cookie decorating fun. I am quite impressed with the box overall and I certainly would recommend it. It was unfortunate that some of the cookies broke so maybe not the best for long distance deliveries!!

Customer Service: 8/10

Food Taste: 9/10

Food Packaging: 7/10

Overall Experience: 8/10

Connect with Simply Delish

Instagram: @simply_delish.x

Location & Delivery

Location: Wolverhampton, England
Delivery: Across the UK

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Blossom Bakery Treats You To A Special Easter Box

Blossom Bakery, Dundee

Today’s review is for an Easter Box for Dundee based company Blossom Bakery.

Blossom Bakery reached out to me via Instagram asking me to review their Easter Treat Box. Obviously I love a treat so I agreed! The owner arrived with two boxes of goodies which I have featured throughout the review. I will discuss what was contained in the boxes, and thereafter give my opinion of each treat individually.

Blossom Bakery Products

The first box contained three Easter eggs. Each contained a different Easter inspired filling to try as listed below:

  • Cookie Dough Easter Egg
  • Crème Egg and Brownie Easter Egg
  • Oreo Cheesecake Easter Egg

The second box contained the following:

  • White Chocolate Easter Bunny Smashbox
  • Milk Chocolate covered Strawberries

Blossom Bakery Packaging

The packaging was two white boxes as shown above. Without a doubt, I think thing the products were presented well. Moreover, I would be happy to have these gifted to someone as an Easter weekend treat!

Blossom Bakery Review

Blossom Bakery Box 1

Overall I really enjoyed all the products I was sent. 

Firstly, let’s start off with my favourite. The Oreo Cheesecake was smooth and tasted really rich and creamy. As you may know, I’m not a massive cheesecake fan. However, I would definitely order this for a friend or family member who loves a bit of cheesecake.

The brownie and crème egg combo was a very new and interesting one. Best of all, I felt like I got three mini desserts in one! The brownies were very rich so I only managed one of those, but together it was a really interesting flavour.

On the contrary, I wasn’t a massive fan of the cookie dough cheesecake. Normally I love cookie dough, but this one tasted a little hard so it was my least favourite of the three.

Blossom Bakery Box 2

The smashbox was a really fun food item to receive. It was a surprise as I wasn’t expecting to receive a smash box. I haven’t ever tried one of these and so I was really happy to receive it. The white chocolate was lovely and the box itself was quite thin also. I have seen many videos of people being unable to smash the box due to the chocolate being too thick. Thankfully, it was not the case here and there were Crème eggs and Malteser bunnies inside!

Finally, I am a bit of a chocolate strawberry connoisseur. In other words I have eaten many in my time. As a result, I am VERY fussy about my chocolate strawberries. For that reason I was willing to be quite harsh in critiquing these. I have to say I was in love with these ones. The chocolate was perfect and the balance and amount of covering was lovely. Furthermore, the strawberries inside were fresh and sweet too. Love, love, love this and I would definitely consider ordering a box of these on their own! 

Overall Rating

I think this company did a great job with their products. The time and effort put into each element was very clear to see, and the owner was lovely too!

Service: 9/10

Food: 8/10

Packaging 8/10

Overall Experience: 9/10

Connect with Blossom Bakery

Instagram: @blossom_bakery.x

Location & Delivery

Location: Dundee, Scotland
Delivery: Currently across Dundee

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Sunflower Bakery And Their Outstanding Homemade Treat Box

Sunflower Bakery, Dundee

Today’s review is for a Dundee desserts company, The Sunflower Bakery

This company reached out to me via Instagram to do a review of their treat box selection. I was sent so many different treats which was a lovely surprise, and the owner was so friendly and genuine also. I love doing reviews for small businesses like these, so I hope this review encourages others to try these delicious treats.

Sunflower Bakery Products

I received two boxes of goodies, which I took some pictures of to allow you to see all the products I tried.

The box contained the following:

  • Raspberry and white chocolate buttercream cake slice
  • Mini Egg & Oreo cheesecakes
  • Milkybar Cookie
  • Galaxy Caramel Browniesicle
  • Nutella Brondie (Brownie and blondie mixed)
  • Creme egg cookie dough (pictured below)

Sunflower Bakery Packaging

The treats came in a cake box and were delivered personally by the owner. They were really easy to remove from the packaging to eat and shoot so I looked forward to trying them when they arrive. I think they would be the perfect gift for a special person.

Sunflower Bakery Review

There is a lot to talk about here, so I will do a little review of each part.

Raspberry and white chocolate buttercream cake slice

This cake slice was really well baked and the white chocolate and raspberry complimented it perfectly. It was the perfect amount of sweetness and I thought it was lovely.

Mini Egg & Oreo cheesecakes

I had a small amount of the Mini Egg and Oreo cheesecakes as I am not the biggest fan of cheesecakes in general. However I thought they both tasted nice, and my family enjoyed them also!

Milkybar Cookie

The Milkybar cookie was almost as big as the cheesecakes! I thought due to the size that there was no way it could be soft. To my surprise it was perfectly soft and tasted amazing. I enjoyed this the most.

Galaxy Caramel Browniesicle

The Galaxy Caramel Browniesicle looked the most appealing when the box arrived. The brownie inside was very rich and was surrounded with a lovely chocolate shell. I haven’t ever had one of these and so it was nice to finally try one.

Nutella Brondie (Brownie and blondie mixed)

The Nutella Brondie is something I have never heard of. So I believe Sunflower Bakery is one of the few places in Dundee to make this! I thought it was a really nice idea and I loved the combination of flavours when eating it. This invention was very well baked also and I would definitely recommend this one.

Creme egg cookie dough

The Creme egg cookie dough was beautifully layered and looked amazing. This cookie dough was very sweet, so this one is definitely for my sweet toothed followers. I enjoyed it, but not as much as the others treats.

Overall Rating

I would say this company provided a great customer service, presented all the treats beautifully and were a lovely company to review food from. Give them a follow on their Instagram below to order, and for new bakes being released.

Service: 10/10
Food: 9/10
Packaging: 8/10
Overall Experience: 10/10

Connect with Sunflower Bakery

Instagram: @the_sunflowerbakery

Location & Delivery

Location: Dundee, Scotland
Delivery: Currently across Dundee

Tayble Deli: Review Of Their New Mind-blowing Pan-Asian Street Food

Tayble Deli, Dundee

Today’s review is for a Dundee sandwich and street food company Tayble Deli.

I reached out to Tayble Deli via Instagram and they were delighted to have a review done. I was overwhelmed with the customer service and great food these guys have to offer.

Tayble Deli Products

Inside the food bags, I was given a mix of their new street food menu as well as a sandwich and soup from their deli menu. This company really went out of their way and provided Halal meat dishes so I could try some of their meat options also. These guys are available for catering, so I’m sure you could request Halal if you wanted!


  • Leek and potato soup (Veg, GF)
  • Spicy Chicken Signature Sandwich (Halal)
  • Feta salad (Veg, GF)


  • Smocked Haddock and potato dauphinoise BonBon’s, smoked Anster cheese sauce and crispy kale
  • Bao buns with sticky pulled oxtail and Asian slaw (Halal)
  • Soft Taco with roasted celeriac, sticky date puree and Asian slaw (vegan)
  • Salt and pepper wings, spring onion, sesame and teriyaki glaze (Halal)


  • JT’s Carrot Cake (Veg)
  • White Chocolate and raspberry Fudge (Veg, GF)

Tayble Deli Packaging

I went to pick up the food from Bank Street and was given two brown delivery bags. One contained the cold food and the other with hot food. All of the hot food was foil wrapped so that I could enjoy them hot which was a nice touch. Each item of food was placed into its own food container so I could try each item individually. The packaging was all eco-friendly and reusable so a thumbs up from me!

The delivery contained a handwritten note from Lewis Donegan who is the Executive Head Chef at Tayble Deli. In this note it contained a description of each item and which ones were Halal, Veg, Vegan and Gluten Free. I think this is a really nice way to connect with your customers, and I am so glad I got to review this.

Tayble Deli Food Review


The starters of soup, sandwich and salad was a nice way to begin the meal. The soup was creamy and smooth and tasted just like a perfect leek and potato soup should taste. Although I never order takeaway soup, this is a nice idea for a light lunch option.

The Spicy Chicken Signature Sandwich was incredible. I love a good loaded sandwich and this was overloaded with filling. It contained pickled jalapenos, cheese, spring onions and lettuce. The quality of each ingredient was of a high standard and that was reflected in the taste.

The feta salad I thought was a nice accompaniment to the rest of the food. The feta was mixed with olives and chillis which I ate alongside the rest of my meal.


For the mains I think my favourites were the Bao Buns and the salt and pepper wings. Both of these really had a lot of flavour and tasted really fresh. I love this type of street food the most so I thoroughly enjoyed eating them and would recommend trying them!

The Soft taco was probably my third favourite. I think it was a nice vegan alternative to a meat or fish filled taco, but since I prefer to have some meat in my taco I would recommend this more to my vegan followers.

The smoked haddock BonBon’s were unfortunately not to my taste. I am not a massive fan of smoked fish and so I probably wouldn’t eat this again. However, I will say the Bonbon’s were fresh and contained very high quality ingredients so I would say that if you like smoked fish, this one is for you!


I love reviewing desserts and so this was a nice surprise because I wasn’t expecting to receive desserts in this review. Both the carrot cake and fudge tasted divine. I love carrot cake so I am really picky with how I like it. These guys definitely know how to make a good carrot cake, and the portion size was perfect as an after dinner treat.

I am not a massive fan of fudge, but I think this white chocolate and raspberry one may have converted me! I will certainly be returning for both of these.

Overall Rating

Overall, the food tasted fresh, the ingredients were all of a high quality and the selection I was given was amazing. I think this would be perfect for lunch or early dinner. This is a hidden gem in Dundee and I can’t wait to try more of their takeaway menu!

Service: 10/10
Food: 9/10
Packaging: 8/10
Overall Experience: 10/10

Connect with Tayble Deli

This company also run Dundee Cooking Academy and The Howff Secret Supper Club both in the same area as Tayble Deli so be sure to check these both out!

Instagram: @taybledeli

Location & Delivery

Open Times: Wednesday – Sunday, 10.30am – 8pm
Location : 5A Bank St, Dundee DD1 1RL

Delivery: ZippyD & JustEat

Brownie Tingz And Their Sensational Brownies

Brownie Tingz, Birmingham

So I finally got my first brownie review for Birmingham based Brownie Tingz. Since I’m a massive brownie fan I was really excited to review these gourmet brownies and blondies!

Brownie Tingz reached out to me via Instagram asking if I could review their assorted brownie and blondie boxes. This company is based in Birmingham, however the owner Aysha is originally from Scotland herself. I love connecting with Scots all over the world!

Brownie Tingz Packaging

The order arrived in the post using 1st class delivery which I thought was really great. It was contained in a white box with each product separated. Without a doubt this made sure none of the flavours mixed which was a great idea. When I opened the boxes, inside each one there was a handwritten letter from Brownie Tingz listing all the flavours. Moreover thanking me for ordering these boxes. I thought that was a really nice touch. Additionally, I am sure it would be possible to put a personal message in if you wanted!

Brownie Tingz Food Review

Overall Rating

To conclude, I really enjoyed eating these gourmet brownies from Brownie Tingz.  Firstly they were perfectly soft and gooey, and the flavours were incredible. Secondly I loved the service and quality of the products. Thirdly I would recommend them to anyone in the UK looking for a gift.

Service: 10/10

Food: 10/10

Packaging: 10/10

Overall Experience: 10/10

Connect with Brownie Tingz

Instagram: _brownietingz_


Inside Brownie Tingz boxes were six individual brownies and blondies as in the above picture. For the brownies the flavours were Areo Mint, Lotus Biscoff, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Milk Hazeltnut, Salted Caramel, and Fudge. On the other hand, the blondies had six different distinct flavours. This included Aero Snow Bubbles, Honeycomb Shards, Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream, White Hazelnut, and White Chocolate.


I have often wondered how baked goods would taste, especially after being delivered to more remote locations. Contrary to my belief these brownies tasted very fresh. In addition to this they had a gooey centre and were perfectly baked to give that cracked top.

I have to say each flavour tasted really nice. Each one had its own melted chocolate topping and chocolate pieces decoration. I really enjoyed these and I recommend sending them as a gift for someone. With the COVID situation it is easier to send baked goods like this, and help support small businesses also. I have been informed by Brownie Tingz they are offering Mother’s Day boxes. So be sure to check them out and order through their Instagram below.

Location & Delivery

Location: Birmingham, England

Delivery: All over the UK

Dough Dough Pizza Co: A New Phenomenal Mobile Pizzeria

Dough Dough Pizza Co, Dundee

I am so excited to share this review of these pizzas from a company named Dough Dough Pizza Co. This is a local Dundee mobile pizzeria pop up who typically do pop ups for a couple of days, and you can book a slot to pick up your fresh pizzas. This company also caters to weddings, parties and events if you are looking to hire. The pizzas are 10” Neapolitan Style Pizzas made with their Homemade Dough, Homemade Pizza sauce, Parmigiano Reggiano and Fior di Latte Mozzarella.

I haven’t ever seen a mobile pizzeria in Dundee and I thought this was a really cool idea. Especially with the current COVID situation. Another food restaurant in Dundee recommended I try this place, so I was very excited when I heard about it. This company opened in August and has been doing pop ups since. They haven’t a got a specific schedule for pop ups, so you have to keep an eye out and catch a slot when you can. I honestly think this adds a little to the exclusivity of this pizza experience.

Dough Dough Pizza Co Packaging

The pizzas were in an authentic pizza box making the pizza feel like a proper takeaway. I was gifted some of these pizzas and upon arrival also received some complimentary tray bakes. I met the owner Justin, and saw how lovely and genuine he was. Due to my drive home he advised that I warm the pizzas a little in the microwave to ensure I enjoy the full experience of these pizzas hot.

Dough Dough Pizza Co Food Review

I did just that when I got home, and was honestly blown away with the taste. I tried the Cherry Tomatoes & Basil Pesto and Margherita pizzas and added some extra toppings also. The pizzas were so soft and flavourful. Because the pizzas are cooked on sight they are so fresh and light, and I didn’t even feel guilty for almost eating a whole pizza on my own!

Overall Rating

I would definitely recommend trying this secret but amazing mobile pizzeria Dough Dough Pizza Co, as you will not be disappointed. They tasted really authentic and fresh, and I will definitely be returning myself. As well as many meat options, they also offer dessert pizzas which sound really interesting too.

Service: 10/10

Food: 10/10

Packaging: 9/10

Overall Experience: 10/10

Although this post was mainly for the pizzas, the traybakes I received from Dough Dough Pizza Co were also exceptional. My family all had different favourites, and I honestly couldn’t pick a favourite because I really enjoyed all of them. I’m not sure when this company is next popping up, but keep a look out and give them a follow on their Instagram below:

Connect with Dough Dough Pizza Co

Instagram: @doughdoughpc

Location & Delivery

Location: Dundee, Scotland. Their location changes so give them a follow to find out!
Delivery / Pick up: Pick up only!

Lit Shakes ‘n’ Mocktails: Your New Drinks Pleasure

Lit Shakes 'n' Mocktails, Dundee

Today’s product review is a little different from my usual in that I am reviewing drinks from a local Dundee company Lit Shakes ‘n’ Mocktails. I saw this company pop up on my Instagram and thought why not give them a try. The customer service was great when I messaged through. In addition to this, the business owner was happy to gift me two mocktails and two milkshakes of my choice to try. 

Lit Shakes 'n' Mocktails Packaging

I decided to try the banoffee and cookie dough milkshakes, and the blue lagoon and passionista mocktails. I wanted to try some new flavours of milkshakes and mocktails that I haven’t seen being provided by other companies in Dundee. The process of ordering was very easy, and I received the products yesterday evening by delivery. The drinks arrived and were in cup holders. Each drink came with a straw also which was great!

Lit Shakes 'n' Mocktails Food Review

I enjoyed these whilst watching a movie with my family. I was blown away by the banoffee pie milkshake as it tasted as good as the dessert itself. Moreover, my family really enjoyed the cookie dough one also. The mocktails were also very refreshing and would be perfect to order for an afternoon summers BBQ, or even as a late evening drink.

Pricing as follows:

Mocktails: £3 each or 2 for £5. Milkshakes:£4.

Without a doubt I will definitely be ordering these again. Furthermore I would recommend all the flavours I tried. 

Overall Rating

To conclude I really enjoyed these milkshake and mocktail drinks from Lit Shakes ‘n’ Mocktails. Firstly, the service was excellent. Secondly, the drinks tasted amazing and I would definitely order them again. Lastly, this company is a local one which means we can support it during COVID. I am really glad I reached out to them!

Connect with Lit Shakes 'n' Mocktails

Location & Delivery

Location: Dundee, Scotland
Delivery / Pick up: Delivery all over Dundee

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Salud Salads Brings You A New Lunch Alternative

Salud Salads, Dundee

Today’s post is in collaboration with a local Dundee company Salud Salads. This company first appeared on my Instagram and as part of my new product reviews I am looking to work with local Dundee companies. As a result I hope to try and increase awareness of them in the local area.

When I first messaged through I received a very enthusiastic response from Paige who was happy to collaborate. Thereafter, I went through the website and picked a medium salad box which contained 1 base, 2 proteins, 3 vitamins, 1 topping and 1 dressing.

Salud Salads Packaging

The salad box arrived in a plastic packaging and was beautifully presented. Furthermore, it looked very appetising and I was so excited to try it. For my box I picked salad leaves with tuna, eggs, sweet potato, sweetcorn and cucumber.In addition, I accompanied this with a crispy onion topping and a mint yoghurt dressing. 

Salud Salads Food Review

I had this salad for my dinner last night and it was really filling. It had all the components for a healthy salad meal and the dressing was a tasty addition. I would recommend ordering these as part of weekly meal prep if you are looking for fresh salads throughout the week. As part of this collaboration I also received a breakfast bircher too. This is pictured below and  was a lovely surprise. I had this for my breakfast today and it was filled with oats and raisins, and was a nice change from my porridge!

Overall Rating

To conclude, I loved working with Salud Salads and reviewing their food. Firstly, the service was very quick and easy. Secondly, the experience was great and the owner was lovely. And lastly, the food tasted amazing and I highly recommend it. Moreover, Salud Salad had their first birthday today!  So check them out on their instagram below!

Service: 9/10

Food: 9/10

Packaging: 8/10

Overall Experience: 9/10

Connect with Salud Salads

Instagram: @saludsalads

I have been informed that Salud Salads is no longer serving up their great dishes! The owner Paige has moved to Cyprus to pursue her career. 

Location & Delivery

Location: Dundee, Scotland

Delivery: All over Dundee

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African Food Box and Their Easy Homemade Puff Puff

African Food Box, England

Yesterday I had my first product review with African Food Box and their Puff Puff Savoury Box. I reached out to this company and was greeted with a really friendly customer service. They were happy to send over some to try. Since this is a West African food, I have never come into contact with it myself.  And I was very keen to try it out and see what they tasted like.

Puff puff is a traditional West African fried dough and is commonly called such in Nigeria and Sierra Leone. They can be sweet or savoury and eaten plain, rolled in any spices/flavoring and even dipped.

African Food Box Packaging

The product arrived in the post quite quickly and the packaging was very welcoming. Whilst opening the box I found an Igbo Proverb ‘Words are sweet, but they can never take the place of food’. Once researching I found out that the Igbo people are a meta-ethnicity. They are native to the present-day south-central and southeastern Nigeria and also Equatorial Guinea. I thought this was a very nice touch to the African Food Box feel and theme. Once opened I found a range of alphabetically labelled packets and an easy follow instruction sheet with what to do.

Each packet contained a ingredient including yeast, flour and spice mix and skewer. In addition optional herb and onion mix for the mixture and Yaji / Suya Spice. Yagi is the Hausa word for the spice mix. It is generally understood as being a hot spice. I followed the instructions exactly to make sure I could give an honest review.

African Food Box Food Review

Considering I had never made these before, the images on the instructions were very helpful to compare my own creation to in order to ensure I was on the right track. The total process took around an hour and a half to make including proofing and frying and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt guided through the process and they went down a hit with my family. I have to admit I was not expecting the spice to be so spicy and might have added a little too much! However I am a massive fan of spicy food so it was not an unfamiliar feeling having burning and being unable to stop eating.

They tasted totally different to anything I have tried or made before and so I am definitely a fan of AFB and their products. I will definitely be ordering more products from them and trying their Sweet Box next time. I would recommend this to new foodies and experiences ones too!

Overall Rating

To conclude, I absolutely loved African Food Box and their puff puff recipe. It was so much fun making this product. I would recommend this to anyone who is a new chef or a foodie looking to try something different.

Service: 10/10

Food: 10/10

Packaging: 10/10

Overall Experience: 10/10

Connect with African Food Box

Website: African Food Box

Instagram: @africanfoodbox

Location & Delivery

Location: England

Delivery: All over the UK