Salud Salads Brings You A New Lunch Alternative

Salud Salads, Dundee

Today’s post is in collaboration with a local Dundee company Salud Salads. This company first appeared on my Instagram and as part of my new product reviews I am looking to work with local Dundee companies. As a result I hope to try and increase awareness of them in the local area.

When I first messaged through I received a very enthusiastic response from Paige who was happy to collaborate. Thereafter, I went through the website and picked a medium salad box which contained 1 base, 2 proteins, 3 vitamins, 1 topping and 1 dressing.

Salud Salads Packaging

The salad box arrived in a plastic packaging and was beautifully presented. Furthermore, it looked very appetising and I was so excited to try it. For my box I picked salad leaves with tuna, eggs, sweet potato, sweetcorn and cucumber.In addition, I accompanied this with a crispy onion topping and a mint yoghurt dressing. 

Salud Salads Food Review

I had this salad for my dinner last night and it was really filling. It had all the components for a healthy salad meal and the dressing was a tasty addition. I would recommend ordering these as part of weekly meal prep if you are looking for fresh salads throughout the week. As part of this collaboration I also received a breakfast bircher too. This is pictured below and  was a lovely surprise. I had this for my breakfast today and it was filled with oats and raisins, and was a nice change from my porridge!

Overall Rating

To conclude, I loved working with Salud Salads and reviewing their food. Firstly, the service was very quick and easy. Secondly, the experience was great and the owner was lovely. And lastly, the food tasted amazing and I highly recommend it. Moreover, Salud Salad had their first birthday today!  So check them out on their instagram below!

Service: 9/10

Food: 9/10

Packaging: 8/10

Overall Experience: 9/10

Connect with Salud Salads

Instagram: @saludsalads

I have been informed that Salud Salads is no longer serving up their great dishes! The owner Paige has moved to Cyprus to pursue her career. 

Location & Delivery

Location: Dundee, Scotland

Delivery: All over Dundee

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African Food Box and Their Easy Homemade Puff Puff

African Food Box, England

Yesterday I had my first product review with African Food Box and their Puff Puff Savoury Box. I reached out to this company and was greeted with a really friendly customer service. They were happy to send over some to try. Since this is a West African food, I have never come into contact with it myself.  And I was very keen to try it out and see what they tasted like.

Puff puff is a traditional West African fried dough and is commonly called such in Nigeria and Sierra Leone. They can be sweet or savoury and eaten plain, rolled in any spices/flavoring and even dipped.

African Food Box Packaging

The product arrived in the post quite quickly and the packaging was very welcoming. Whilst opening the box I found an Igbo Proverb ‘Words are sweet, but they can never take the place of food’. Once researching I found out that the Igbo people are a meta-ethnicity. They are native to the present-day south-central and southeastern Nigeria and also Equatorial Guinea. I thought this was a very nice touch to the African Food Box feel and theme. Once opened I found a range of alphabetically labelled packets and an easy follow instruction sheet with what to do.

Each packet contained a ingredient including yeast, flour and spice mix and skewer. In addition optional herb and onion mix for the mixture and Yaji / Suya Spice. Yagi is the Hausa word for the spice mix. It is generally understood as being a hot spice. I followed the instructions exactly to make sure I could give an honest review.

African Food Box Food Review

Considering I had never made these before, the images on the instructions were very helpful to compare my own creation to in order to ensure I was on the right track. The total process took around an hour and a half to make including proofing and frying and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt guided through the process and they went down a hit with my family. I have to admit I was not expecting the spice to be so spicy and might have added a little too much! However I am a massive fan of spicy food so it was not an unfamiliar feeling having burning and being unable to stop eating.

They tasted totally different to anything I have tried or made before and so I am definitely a fan of AFB and their products. I will definitely be ordering more products from them and trying their Sweet Box next time. I would recommend this to new foodies and experiences ones too!

Overall Rating

To conclude, I absolutely loved African Food Box and their puff puff recipe. It was so much fun making this product. I would recommend this to anyone who is a new chef or a foodie looking to try something different.

Service: 10/10

Food: 10/10

Packaging: 10/10

Overall Experience: 10/10

Connect with African Food Box

Website: African Food Box

Instagram: @africanfoodbox

Location & Delivery

Location: England

Delivery: All over the UK